Visas and some customs rules



For one's entry to Ukraine one is to register a visa at the Ukraine's diplomatic representation or consulate abroad. One should take trouble about it in advance - one cannot receive a visa at the airport or the custom house. One can prolong the visa validity already at the territory of our country.

If you are in the territory of Ukraine, additional documents for entry to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are not required.

Terms of issuing a Visa and its cost

The standard term of issuing a visa is 10 working days. In case of necessity a visa can be issued during 2-3 days, but is will cost twice as much. Consular payments amount to USD40 - 150 and depend on the terms of documents presentation and the type of the visa (a tourist, guest one, etc.).

Some customs rules

Information about articles and currency value transported through the Ukraine's customs is to be introduced in the declaration. You are to point out data about what and what for you are transporting and also other information on demand of the customs guard.

It is permitted to export articles, not being a goods consignment, to the sum not exceeding the equivalent of EURO100,000. For exporting works of art, cultural and historical values one is bound to receive a permission of Ministry of Culture. In case of an insignificant cultural value of the souvenirs purchased by you it is enough to have a bill of the shop, the arts salon where the purchase has been made.


The time in Ukraine is ahead by 2 hours of the Greenwich mean time. From the end of March up to October there acts the summer time.

Electrical devices

The mains voltage - 220 volt, frequency - 50 Hz. An adapter may be needed for electrical devices of the USA and Japan manufacture. Sockets of European standard are not uncommon for a long time already, but sockets with more narrow jacks are found fairly often (in such a case a special adapter will prove useful).