The South Coast of the Crimea, the western sea-coast, and the mountainous Crimea


This region is, perhaps, the most attractive for tourists, everyone will choose for himself a kind of rest to his taste. Because of the diversity of landscapes three tourist districts may be singled out: the South Coast of the Crimea (SCC), the western sea-coast, and the mountainous Crimea.

The South Coast, as a rule, is visited by lovers of the traditional, comfortable, and, correspondingly, not cheap rest. Various sanatoria, boarding houses, tourist centres, motels, and camping-sites are located here. For autotourists guarded parking lots are equipped practically in every one of them. One can also rent a private dwelling with a garage. To organize a free lodging for the night in the SCC is practically impossible, therefore for those who have got accustomed to save it is better not to come here.

The South Coast is a popular place for holding all sorts of congresses, conferences, seminars, and similar arrangements - from serious political summits to merry festivals and simply squeezes.

In the Western sea-coast boarding houses and rest homes are situated. In Nikolayevka, Beregovoye, Peschanoye, Andreyevka, Kacha, Lyubimovka one can rent a comparatively inexpensive lodging. Here there are splendid sand-pebbly beaches, convenient for holidays with children. Equipped parking spaces and camping-sites invite the adherents of motor tourism.

In the Sevastopol environs competitions of sailing sports lovers are traditionally carried out. In the town there are quite a lot of yacht-clubs, diving centres, and firms specializing on the sea kinds of tourism.

The Gerakleisky peninsula sea-coast was chosen by lovers of underwater submersion not loosing hopes to find priceless treasures concealed in the mysterious sea depth.

The mountainous Crimea is a place of active kinds of rest admirers' pilgrimage; bicyclists, speleotourists, and rock-climbers will find for themselves interesting routes. In winter desperate extremists - mountain-skiers and snowboardists assemble on Ai-Petri.

Local forests and watercourses are attractive for lovers of hunting with a camera and off fishing. Admirers of ecological tourism will visit with pleasure the Crimean natural preserve; the fighters for nature preservation will be glad to know about a so big quantity of protected territories.

Parking spaces are equipped near all the sights, one can spend the night at tourist centres in Bakhchisarai, Sokolinoye, on Ai-Petri. One can also set up an independent camp at grounds specially designed for this.

The mountainous Crimea is widely known by its "cave towns", cloisters, stopping places of primordial people, and other monuments of past centuries keeping their secret till now. Here the famous canyons - Chernorechensky (the longest in the peninsula) and Bolshoi Kanyon (Big canyon) (the deepest in the Crimea).

Owing to the fantastic variety of most beautiful natural landscapes - ringing waterfalls, mysterious canyons, mountain peaks, picturesque valleys - thousands and thousands of tourists come here year after year discovering for themselves new and new wonders which the Crimean land is full with.