It is unknown when and where the wonderful tradition of bringing memorable trinkets from a trip has been born, but since then genuine tourists consider it to be their duty to purchase souvenirs reminding them of every new place of the Earth. The Crimean souvenirs assortment is broad and diversified. The choice depends on personal tastes and also on which part of the peninsula you pass your leave in. In addition to the traditional articles of juniper (beads, supports, etc.), dried crabs, exotic shells and coral twigs (by the way, not being relevant at all to the Crimean sea fauna), there is its own spirit in the souvenir set of every region.

Crimean souvenirs


Chersonese ceramics are sold at the territory of the museum-preserve - by the entrance and at the hall of holograms. Visit also the town's opening day of an exhibition near the Grafskaya square where Sevastopol artists and photographers exhibit their works.


Along the embankment there is a fair amount of booths and hawker's trays where one can find articles of stone, cockle-shells, wood. In memory of your stay in beautiful Yalta buy several wonderful water-colours, and at the Nikitsky botanical gardens purchase a box of bamboo.


Here herb tea of Alushta valley and environing foothills and also volatile oils are sold. By the beginning of many foot routes they arrange "mobile samovars" - here one can taste medicinal species and choose the ones one liked.


Here one can purchase articles of the famous Karadag semi-precious stones. Small many-coloured stones will decorate the home aquarium, one can also beautifully spread out them in flower pots, for instance, around cactuses.

In the centre of the town the Feodosiya present-day painters of sea-scapes exhibit their pictures.


Large selection of clay vessels painted in imitation of ancient ceramics are represented in the Demetra's crypt (more exactly, in its technological model) by the Mitridatskaya stairs.


Volatile oils, of course, rank first among Bakhchisarai souvenirs. In addition to a set of oils, purchase a ceramic lamp for aroma-therapy. The usage of it is very simple. The lamp itself is made in a form of a luminaire, in the lower opening of which a light candle is put. The upper small cup is filled in with water with a several drops of the oil. As it evaporates the water is added. Buy also a book about medicative aromatic oils.