Vorontsovs' Palace in Alupka


The southern coast of the Crimea

The palace was created in the Tudor style, combining the romanticism of the medieval knightly palace and the luxury of an English private residence. The Count Mikhail Vorontsov was the hero of 1812, and he spent his childhood in England, where his father was the envoy. Being 19 years old, Mikhail took part in the Russo-Turkish War, then he fought with Napoleon, having displayed personal bravery in the battles at Smolensk, Borodino, etc. When he was 41, Vorontsov was appointed the governor-general of the Novorosiysk Region.

Vorontsovs' Palace in Alupka

The Count entrusted the English architect E. Blore and his assistant V. Hunt with making a design of the palace. The serfs, brought by M. Vorontsov from his north estates, and hired workers took part in the construction, which was a progressive solution of the problem in those times. The talented gardener K. Kebakh was engaged in laying out the park. He created the terraces ascending from the sea to the southern front and made in the Mauritian style. The white marble staircase guarded by the stone lions is the decoration of the ensemble. The vaulted arch with majolica balconies is decorated with the Arabic character, which inscribes the following aphorism: "There is no winner except for Allah".

The builders from the field-engineering battalion of colonel Shipilov made paths and alleys among the stones. For the construction of the Upper Park tons of stones were removed and the chernozem was brought. The most popular among the park fountains is "Maria" fountain, which is a copy of the fountain in Bakhchisarai.

The bricklayers, cabinetmakers, modelers, and embroideresses worked on the decoration of the interiors - Blue, Chintz, and Chinese rooms and the Winter Garden with wonderful sculptures. The museum was opened in 1921.

Many things from the interior decoration were not preserved. The Princess Maria, the heiress of the Vorontsovs went to Italy in 1882, and took the most valuable things with her.

Vorontsovs' Palace in Alupka

In 1945, during the Yalta Conference, the English delegation was located in the palace. W. Churchill noted that he felt himself here like in his Motherland.

After the war, the former Vorontsovs' estate was a state summer residence in the course of ten years. The museum renewed its work in 1956.

From the Yalta bus terminal, the inter-city taxi 26 will bring you to the Alupka Palace. In order to get into the museum in summer, it is necessary to stay in a long queue. The price of the entry ticket is about 1 US dollar.